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Group to introduce

CO-NELE Group Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city-Qingdao. It is a large-scale construction machinery and equipment enterprise with special vehicle production qualifications integrating scientific research, production, sales and after-sales service. The company is people-oriented, develops the enterprise with science and technology, recruits high-level scientific and technological talents, and actively introduces advanced technology at home and abroad.

The company has now developed into a construction machinery company integrating scientific research, manufacturing, trade and leasing with more than 1,200 employees. Among them, there are more than 300 professional and technical personnel, and more than 500 sets of production and testing equipment. 

1.Super Pumping Ability:The outlet pressure of the pump is more than 10MPa, reversing capacity is 40% higher than others,Pumping System Angle is the smallest in the industry, made the pump truck suction is increased by 20%, and which has the advantage of pumping different grade concrete.

2.Energy Saving Control System:Optimization of power matching, pumping work in the engine optimal power curve range, energy saving and efficient.

Enterprise's Missions:

Continue to create greater value for customers

Provide a platorm for employees to realile the value of their lite

Take more responsibility for our society

Enterprise's Core Values:

Integrity, Teamwork, Integrit, Iitiative, Sustainability

2001:In 2001, the Highway Beam-making Pump and Concrete Pump were born at Co-nele; the QingYin Highway Tunnel Project was successfuly delivered at a horizontal distance of 1600m; one single Concrete Pump was pumped continually for 21 days for Qingdao BinHai Avenue Redlamation Project, and the concrete volume was 35,000m3

2005:In 2005, we formally signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with Germany KENILE, we started mass production of Concrete Pump, Truck-mounted Pump and Concrete Placing Boom. In the same year, we exported 38m Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom to Russia.{To view more}

  • Shanteca 70 meter pump truck

    Shanteca 70 meter pump truck

    Strong flexibility and pumping capacity

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    Shanteca 70 meter pump truck
  • Shanteca 63 meter pump truck

    Shanteca 63 meter pump truck

    Strong power, faster feeding

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    Shanteca 63 meter pump truck
  • Shanteca 58 meter pump truck

    Shanteca 58 meter pump truck

    Stable performance, more reliable safety

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    Shanteca 58 meter pump truck
  • KNL5040TBA aerial

    KNL5040TBA aerial

    Factory direct sales, quality assurance

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    KNL5040TBA aerial
  • Worth your choice
    International procurement   Original imported components   More stable performance and higher cost performance
    • High-end partners

      Products throughout the provinces, cities, and exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Iran, Mongolia and so on

    • Reliable production team

      Reliable production team

      The number of scientific research teams reaches 300, the scientific research team has rich achievements, and more than 300 scientific research achievements; the production team has 200 technicians

    • Rich production experience

      Rich production experience

      Our products have participated in a series of national large and medium-sized projects such as Beijing Asian Games Village, Qingdao International Airport expansion, Qingda-Yinchuan Expressway and Yangtze River Embankment

    • Complete industry qualifications

      Complete industry qualifications

      With many industry qualification certificates, fully recognized by the industry

    • Strict standards and monitoring system

      Strict standards and monitoring system

      Adopting new technology and scientific and strict testing means, the performance is more reliable, favored by the majority of colleagues in the construction industry

    • People-oriented, science and technology to promote enterprises

      People-oriented, science and technology to promote enterprises

      With special automobile production qualification, large construction engineering machinery equipment enterprises

    Character makes products, and science and technology makes the future

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    Faith establishes the world and quality creates the world
    CO-NELE Group specializes in the production of concrete pump trucks, concrete transfer pumps, truck-mounted pumps, fine stone pumps, placing machines, shotcrete pumps, mixing trailer pumps and other construction machinery and equipment with sophisticated technology and excellent quality. Welcome new and old customers to come to inquire and order !
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