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How to care for concrete pumps is what construction workers should learn.

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How to care for concrete pumps is what construction workers should learn.

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    More and more people are already aware of the importance of concrete pumps. Only by ensuring the normal use of equipment, engineering projects can proceed smoothly as planned. Therefore, it is very important to guarantee the life of the concrete pump. Let the Kony Group introduce how to protect the concrete pump.

    One: reduce various corrosive effects

    A phenomenon in which a metal surface is chemically or electrochemically reacted with a surrounding medium to cause damage is called a corrosion Raymond mill. This corrosive effect not only affects the normal operation of the concrete pump, but also corrodes parts inside the machine. In use, management and operators should take effective measures according to the local weather conditions and air pollution at that time, reduce effective measures, reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on machinery, and focus on preventing the intrusion of chemical components into rainwater and air. .

Two: reduce the impact of temperature

 When the concrete pump is in operation, the temperature of each component has its own normal range. In the process of use, it is necessary to prevent overload operation at low temperature, ensure normal operation in the low-speed pre-warming stage, and then drive or work after the machine reaches the specified temperature; second, prevent the concrete pump from running at high temperature, during mechanical operation. Always check the values on the various thermometers, find the problem and immediately stop the inspection, and find that the fault even if the roller is broken. For reasons that can't be found for a while, it must not be treated without any treatment.

    Three: reduce the impact of continued impurities

    Concrete pump impurities generally refer to non-metallic substances such as dust and soil, and some metal chips and wear products produced by self-lifting of construction machinery during use. Once these impurities enter the inside of the machine and reach the mechanical mating surface, the hazard is great. It not only causes the relative movement to block, accelerates the wear of the parts, but also scratches the mating surface, destroys the lubricating film, and raises the temperature of the parts. High, lubricating oil deteriorates. Therefore, for construction machinery working in harsh environments and complex conditions, it is necessary to use high-quality, matching parts and lubricants, grease to block the source of harmful impurities; second, to do the concrete pump protection at the work site. Work to ensure that the corresponding mechanism can work properly to prevent various impurities from entering the machine.


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