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What are the special effects of concrete pump lubricants?

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What are the special effects of concrete pump lubricants?

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Concrete construction engineering is now widely concerned. Therefore, the existence of fine stone concrete pump provides support for improving the quality of concrete construction. For the specific lubricant adding skills of fine stone concrete pump, Xiaobian has summarized the following. .
       In the daily operation of the fine stone concrete pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication of the various parts of the equipment at any time. Once the position of the oil shortage is found, it is necessary to stop the oil immediately to avoid accidents. In any period of time, ensure that the lubrication pump of the fine stone concrete pump has sufficient and clean grease, and absolutely no leakage is allowed at each interface of the lubrication pipeline. Carefully check the effectiveness of the centralized lubrication system during a characteristic time of day. If a lubrication point that is not covered by the lubrication system is found during the inspection, it needs to be added manually.


The quality of concrete construction engineering is a concern. With the continuous development of social economy, the existence of concrete pump is the typical equipment in the equipment market. How to understand the use of lubricating oil in the process of using concrete pump?

Lubrication: This is a major role that is known. Lubricating oil forms an oil film on the surfaces where the various components rub against each other, which reduces friction, wear and power consumption between components.
       Cooling: Some parts undergo high-speed relative motion during operation, which is subject to high temperatures due to friction and high temperature combustion. At this time, the lubricating oil can absorb part of the heat when flowing through the surface of the part, and is dissipated into the atmosphere through the oil dispersing oil heater and the oil sump. The lubricating oil of the concrete pump acts as a cooling function in addition to lubrication.
       Noise reduction: The lubricant film between the working surfaces of the parts can reduce the impact noise between the metal parts. In addition, the liquid lubricating oil has a certain vibration absorption capacity.

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