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How to adjust the motor frequency conversion of concrete pump

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How to adjust the motor frequency conversion of concrete pump

Date of release:2019-03-08 Author:Qingdao Konyle Group Co., Ltd. Click:

       The mixing mechanism of the concrete pump is operated by the driving of the hydraulic motor. In use, the hopper and the mixing mechanism are generally placed at the tail of the day pump, so that it is convenient to receive the commercial concrete output from the mixer. In order to accurately set the sequence valve for the commercial concrete pump hydraulic system, it is necessary to understand the working characteristics of the sequence valve and adjust the working pressure of the sequence valve. So how to adjust it?


        Under normal circumstances, the adjustment rule is that if the adjustment pressure of the internal control sequence valve is too high, the working pressure of the working cylinder of the sky pump is lower high, the working pressure of the working cylinder of the sky pump is lower high At the time, the set pressure of the internal control type sequence valve can be reasonably determined, so that the working pressure of the working cylinder is higher than the Opening pressure of the sequence valve.

          It should be pointed out that the variable frequency speed regulation technology of the concrete pump motor can adjust the speed of the actuator by changing the frequency of the power supply, so that the pump motor will always be in a high efficiency working state. Frequency conversion speed regulation technology is applied to the small aggregate commercial concrete pump hydraulic control system, which can overcome some shortcomings of the hydraulic system.


         Generally, the concrete pump hydraulic system controlled by the variable frequency speed control generally includes a main pumping system; a reversing valve system; a stirring and flushing system. The pressure sensor detects the pressure change of the hydraulic system and controls the output frequency of the inverter after the program operation of the PLC. By changing the speed of the hydraulic pump to drive the motor and changing the displacement of the hydraulic pump, the pumping speed can be adjusted.

          Since the operating current of the motor of the sky pump determines the operating frequency of the motor, it is quite easy to save energy and increase the power of the grid. At the same time, the frequency converter has the function of low-speed soft start, so that the speed can be adjusted smoothly and widely, and the motor protection functions are complete, such as short circuit, overload, over voltage, under voltage and stall, etc., which can effectively protect the motor and hydraulic pressure. The system equipment ensures that the equipment works under a safe voltage, so that the whole machine is stable, reliable, and the power factor is improved.


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          Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone knows how to adjust the speed of the motor of the pump. Thank you for your attention to the official website of Qingdao Koneile Group Co., Ltd.

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