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How do the pistons and delivery cylinders of concrete pumps remain smooth?

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How do the pistons and delivery cylinders of concrete pumps remain smooth?

Date of release:2019-03-08 Author:Qingdao Konyle Group Co., Ltd. Click:

        There are many wearing parts for concrete pump, and piston and conveying cylinder are one of the wearing parts, which plays an important role in the whole operation of commercial concrete pump. However, as the use time increases, the pistons and delivery cylinders of commercial concrete pumps are prone to conditions. How do you keep the pistons and delivery cylinders of commercial concrete pumps smooth? Now we will introduce the following specifically.

         As a commonly used commercial concrete transportation tool, concrete pump has been widely used in various construction fields. In the process of use, in order to keep the concrete pump piston and the transport cylinder smooth, the construction party will regularly check the smoothness of the piston and the transport cylinder of the consumable parts of the commercial concrete pump, so that not only can the work efficiency be improved, but also the concrete pump can be extended. The years of use, now on the commercial concrete pump wearing parts piston and the transport cylinder to keep the smooth two ways we specifically introduce the following:

         1, manual refueling

         This method requires manual timing to refuel. With regard to manual refueling, operators need to make up for smooth oils at regular intervals depending on the working environment. It should be pointed out that when refueling, the piston must be jogged to the lower part of the straight refueling point so that the smooth oil just enters the oil groove in the center of the piston. Usually, during the pumping process of the concrete pump, the operator should often operate the jog button when the main cylinder piston is running to the end, so as to make up for the liquid oil of the main cylinder to close the oil chamber, and make full use of the stroke of the transport cylinder to prevent partial wear of the transport cylinder. .

         2, active refueling smooth

          Under normal circumstances, every time the concrete pump is pumped, the fueling system will actively add a smooth oil. However, regarding the active refueling system, it is very important to check whether the oil circuit is dredged regularly. Otherwise, once the oil circuit is blocked, the concrete pump piston and the conveying cylinder will be sharply worn.

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         Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone will keep the piston and the transport cylinder of the concrete pump smooth. I have already understood, thank you for your attention to Qingdao Konele Group Co., Ltd. official website


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