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How to use the limit switch of concrete pump truck?

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How to use the limit switch of concrete pump truck?

Date of release:2019-03-08 Author:Qingdao Co-nele Group Co.,Ltd Click:

     Concrete pump trucks are also referred to as boom-type pump trucks. Many people use the commercial concrete boom-type pump trucks, and their functional structure is not very clear. Among them, limit switches are one of the most important structures. So what is the role of the limit switch of the concrete pump truck? Now we will introduce the following.

      As a construction machine capable of continuously and automatically conveying commercial concrete, the pump truck is mainly composed of a pump body mounted on the chassis of a concrete pump truck body and a retractable cloth boom. Usually, such a tool is generally difficult for a commercial concrete mixer. The place where it works.

        The pump truck can use its long and flexible telescopic boom to generate power from the pump body to transport the commercial concrete along the pipeline above it to a predetermined location. The boom of the boom-type concrete pump truck will take on different forms under different working conditions. Among them, the limit switch plays an important role in the position detection of the commodity concrete boom type pump truck. Specifically, the role of the limit switch of the pump truck is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

      Concrete pump trucks have long, knotted booms that make it easy to place commercial concrete in places where trucks are difficult to reach. In order to ensure that the boom is accurately adjusted in place during operation, it is necessary to use the limit switch to detect the position of the boom. Once extended to the desired position, the limit switch is triggered to stop the adjustment action through the control line to maintain the current posture.

In order to ensure the safety of the work when the pump is working, the commercial concrete hopper must be closed. The limit switch detects the status of the hopper to confirm the safety of the currently delivered concrete.

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       Through the above introduction, I believe everyone how to use the limit switch of the concrete pump truck? I have already understood, thank you for your attention to Qingdao Konele Group Co., Ltd. official website



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